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What is the SOSIEL Harvest extension (SHE)?

The SOSIEL (pronounced ˈsōSHəl and stands for Self-Organizing Social & Inductive Evolutionary Learning) Harvest extension (SHE) implements boundedly-rational decision-making by one or more agents. Each SOSIEL agent makes decisions using a cognitive architecture that consists of nine cognitive processes that enable each agent to interact with other agents, learn from its own experience and that of others, and make decisions about taking, and then take, (potentially collective) actions. Together, LANDIS-II and SHE have the potential to simulate adaptive management in co-evolving coupled human and forest landscapes.


Release Notes


To use SHE, you need:


Version 1.1.14 can be downloaded here. To install it on your computer, just launch the installer.


When using SHE in Mode 1 or 3:

When using SHE in Mode 2:


If you have a question, contact Garry Sotnik at contact@sosiel.org. You can also ask for help in the LANDIS-II users group.

If you come across any issue or suspected bug when using SHE, contact Garry Sotnik at contact@sosiel.org or post about it in the issue section of the GitHub repository.

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